Attention Insurance Agents!

CLICK HERE TO GET APPOINTED TO SELL TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH IMG with IMG® have given Insurance Professionals the opportunity to participate in on-line insurance transactions through The Online Agency.

This application will:

  • Allow agents without their own websites to transact Patriot Travel Medical
  • Insurance® and Global Medical Insurance® through the link below
  • Provide materials and marketing support via an internet connection.

Here is how the program works: In order to use the service, Existing Producers (contracted with IMG®) must be members of IMG's Agency Production Area, and have their Affiliate Status activated. Existing Producers will be able to enter their agent code after following the link below. They will proceed directly to IMG's Policy Picker. Once the online transaction is completed, a confirmation of the transaction will be emailed to the agent, as well as emailed to the insured with Certificate number, links to download a policy claim form and other relevant information.

New Producers will also be able to perform transactions immediately through the site. The application will create contract numbers for new agents so they can submit business immediately. The link will give them immediate guest access to the Agency Production Area, as well as activating their Affiliate Status. The new Agent will receive a link to our website for an Agent Contract to complete and submit with a copy of their State Insurance Licenses.

Agents will also have access to our Agency Development Area. This area will allow agents to order materials and marketing information from IMG®. As well as provide information about policy updates, changes, or any other information important to the needs of our Producers.